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MaltaMarkt provides you with a wealth of resources to control your sales and rentals online, in a simple and intuitive way.


Receive money of all the transactions that you carry out within the platform, we use the leading companies in the world market to guarantee all online operations of the portal.  Choose Cash on Delivery option if you wish to be paid on the spot.


Customization is key. Set up your preferred shipping methods. The freights of the products you can choose to send by some accredited company in the market as well as you can deliver and bill more.

There are so many features available on the platform to enjoy!

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For any of the transactions we only charge

Of commission

To ensure the performance of our platform becoming more secure, updated and reliable, we charge a fee in case of sale or rental of products through our site. Fees could be lowered depending on the membership package.

Paypall processes our payment and charges 3.4% + a Flat rate of 35c for security in portal transactions.

This percentage is already included in the total amount charged by the platform.

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