About Us


E-Commerce is not a brand new subject with internet users in fact during the last millennia the web has had an exponential growth in this sector, two main contributors to this are Time and Knowledge. Online Shopping is quick and easy, it can be done at work, at home or on the go with the use of handheld devices eliminating traveling thus reducing costs such as fuel. Customers can have a broader search getting the best value for their money. Vendors will be able to showcase their products to reach different clients without the need of setting up a physical store.

Buy or Rent?

During these past few years, markets have seen an increase towards leasing. This result is due to customers purchasing items that are used only a couple of days a year. 

At MaltaMarkt we saw a potential that has not been fulfilled in two different sectors. Existing Marketplaces are used only as a showcase where clients can view products and contact the vendor manually that also do not provide a space for the leasing of goods.


MaltaMarkt is an online platform where Vendors market their products for Sale or Lease. Every user will be able to set up their own personal store, list, advertise and manage products. Customers can either book by reservation or purchase, choose their desired delivery method and enjoy their product in no time.